Saturday, November 8, 2008

Do You Speak Silence

In the secret places hidden from sight and not detectable by any natural senses, a cacophony of sounds was awakening within me a world of wonder, and in this wonder of dissonance, I listened.


I so enjoyed this from Brennan Manning: “I’ve been here for six days in silence and solitude. This retreat has been a journey from absurdity to obedience. Absurd comes from the Latin surdus meaning “deaf.” Obedience comes from the Latin ob audire meaning “to listen to.”
Our busy world too often makes us deaf to the voice of God who speaks to us in silence.”

“Thus it is not surprising that we often wonder, in the midst of our occupied and preoccupied lives, if anything is really happening. Our lives may be filled to overflowing—so many events and commitments that we wonder how we’ll get it all done. Yet, at the same time, we might feel unfulfilled and wonder if anything is worth living for. Being filled yet unfulfilled, busy yet bored, involved yet lonely, these are the symptoms of the absurd lifestyle that makes us inattentive to spiritual realities



Such a need as never before for His Body to listen "up" and pay attention.

Free Spirit said...

So true.
Why is it the hardest thing to shut up and listen?

I think it's precisely why He uses dreams to speak to us. It's sometimes the ONLY time He can have our full and undivided attention.

Rich said...

free spirit and dave,

He has His ways of getting our attention doesn't He :)