Sunday, October 19, 2008

Uncharted Waters

The caption that went with the picture I have used here was as follows: “A trek, a journey, takes me to uncharted waters, to a world of wonders.”

I have sensed for a while now a new uncharted direction Father is leading me into, he definitely has my undivided attention.
It has been much like being swept up into a whirlwind ever since my friend Ron has been here, a week ago last Wednesday. For those who have been following my blog, they will understand. These very intense times of so much of His life pouring out of me has stirred up a wonderful unsettledness within my soul!

I shared with my wife today while we were out of town; I have and am feeling as if I am like a moth being drawn toward a bright light shinning into the darkness, problem is the moth usually ends up getting killed as it keeps crashing into this light.
The other image I had today that is deeply connected to the first one along with great inner stirrings is not seen as a warm and fuzzy experience.
I see Father as it were holding me forcibly under what appears to be water, I see myself drowning, but in fact as I see myself expiring, its then that I suddenly become alive, only its in a way that does not resemble how I use to be alive.
Welcome to the bizarre the sign post up ahead reads.
In this drowning episode, I sensed I was being drowned in and with His love for me. Several times today I literally felt as if I was drowning, being inundated with a dimension of His love I have not yet experienced.

Back to this picture I have chosen here, for a very long time Father has clearly reinforced the knowing in my heart, unless I become like a child, I will miss out on so much He has hidden for me. So I venture forth into this "God" trek, journey of uncharted waters with an elevated and heightened sense of a world of wonders just waiting for me.



Free Spirit said...

This is beautiful, Rich.
Oh to be like that child. And it's not like I don't have plenty of examples everyday.
They are SO willing, even eager, to explore new territory, unhesitatingly. They want to see/experience it all.
We all used to be that way... until our trust level eroded. Someone came in and sold us a bill of goods.
Papa, please take it back; deep down I'm still just a kid... and I don't really want to grow up.

Rich said...

free spirit,

Christ in you as you is such an intoxicating sobriety, I love the succinctness of His beauty laviously poured out through you on all to freely receive!