Thursday, September 4, 2008

You Are My Longing

There is so much brewing in my heart at this late hour, well late for me that is.
Normally I would hopefully be fast asleep by now, but I am just finishing up my third week of holidays. Preceding that I have been off for five weeks with a torn ligament in my right knee.

I really am glad I do not know or am I trying to figure anything out regarding the wonderful disturbance Papa is doing one more time within me. He and I have weathered so many storms, always He is there much like me tonight being with my terrified Bearded Collie at my feet. He is terrorized by the sound of thunder, so I am comforting him with Papa’s love as I type and muse.
All I need in my storms is His assurance, “It is I,” and just like my precious pouch tonight, I will lay my head down later knowing He is perfectly bringing forth His son in me.

One of the things that has deeply stirred me today is in reading what free spirit shared here,
Aint It Just Like a Kid.
Those who may be reading here, I encourage you to look at the Father’s heart expressing itself through what she wrote in response to a comment I left on her blog. Even as I write this my eyes well up with tears knowing it is Him wanting to bring us to place in Him where we know we are His, now and forever, no matter what we have yet to face!

I too join with our dear brother Paul and cry out, shout out to OUR Father, that he would give to each of His children a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the true knowledge of Him who has called us to Be His, that our inner most being would be saturated with this inner knowing of Who’s we are, and how smitten He is, over taken with rapturous joy with each of us.

What sounds, what sights are waiting our discovery as He makes known the depths of His heart for you, me.
I was doing some research today on cicadas and in the process found myself over whelmed once again by accident in discovering His delight in delighting me as I slowly step out and explore his handiwork.
I discovered there are more than 2,500 different kinds of cicadas and some that have yet to be identified. Of all the insects of the world, these are able to emit some of the loudest sounds known. Also there are some who emit a sound, a frequency so high pitched no human is able to detect it.

What became clearer to me is, so much that is within His heart for me is waiting yet to be made know. As I said, there are sights and sounds I am blind and deaf to regarding His intense love, but I know he refuses to let go of me. Somehow in the deep places within me, I sense Him saying, ‘Son, you bless me so’.

There is a pleasure that each of us uniquely bring to Him, he so longs for our interacting with him in and with all that touches our lives. He became fully human so that we might be able to fully relate to a God and friend now abiding in us as His house.

I eagerly look forward to discover all that Papa has hidden for me and my siblings, the best is yet to be.


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Free Spirit said...

Beautiful to see another so deeply touched by Papa!
Thanks for writing, and I'm really quite happy that Papa spoke to you thru my blog post and our comments. He alone is good and worthy of our affection! :)