Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eyes to See

One of the expressions of His spirit that continues to chaff, rub me is found in the heart cry of one of our brother’s, Paul, his imploring our Father to open the eyes of our hearts, to SEE!

I want to share a glimpse of what my heavenly Papa is doing, this is a email from my precious daughter who was back home with us for a brief time before starting back into her University schedule.

“What a joy it was to be home, what a sad day to return to reality!
This time was special. It seems as though you two have cleared acres and acres of mental and spiritual space in yourselves and it permeates the space of your house, and it is wonderful to be in. So wonderful, a long-held childhood wish come true. Things aren't supposed to work out so wonderfully.
Money means nothing to me (well, a little bit) but family means EVERYTHING.
With all my heart,
your daughter.”

Out of my death, dying to all that would try to keep me a prisoner to my past failures, that which is in my now moments of focusing on what I think I am seeing, He bids me to come, but come where?

In sharing with my wife this morning as she was getting ready for work, we were discussing recent events with our children, and I was doing what I do best, thinking out loud. As I was unfolding what came to me, I sensed Papa interrupting my line of thinking, the nerve eh?
It was as if he was saying, “You think that is a wild imagination you have regarding your children, well get ready to be blown out of the Water, you haven’t seen anything yet, you are being taught to live in and on the wild side of things, and that is where I live.”

In sharing this morning with my wonderful friend and Brother Dave, these thoughts came to me as I was sharing them with him, realizing he in fact, Papa might just be saying this to Rich.

“I am beginning to believe it is in the spirit realm where our true identity abides in Him through our spirit union, He brings us to see the Truth verses what we think is real about Him, us and those around us, and I also believe in this realm of living that Papa is wanting us to accept this as the norm, this is where we will be instructed of His will, purposes etc. for our lives as well as those he wants to reveal Himself to.
I know this sounds way out there and it is to our soulish thinking, but He has invited us into His world, and as the eyes of our heart are opened more and more, what he has prepared for us is no longer seen as wild thinking, but knowing what He says IS fully possible.”



Amy said...

Thank you for this beautiful blog and sharing the email you received from your daughter. Her words in it express the love and Papa's working within you and your wife and how it's so touched her. Awesome! You are a good father...and your wife, a good mother.

I believe I actually do understand what Papa breathed into your heart in that last paragraph Rich. Indeed, Papa wants us to trust in His voice, and trust what He does in the spiritual realm, in the realm in which we cannot see with our eyes, but which our hearts and recognize and do know intimately.

Good stuff, Rich. I'm delighted in your relationship with Papa.
~Amy :)

Rich said...


Thanks for sharing in this journey of discovery.
I hope to put up some pictures soon of my son and daughter.

What is so cool in having my eyes opened even further, I am not only catching glimpses of what he is doing, but what He has been doing all along.

I loved what Papa spoke to me, "son this is the realm I live in, I have opened this door that no man can shut, I invite you to BE where I am, to hear what I hear, to see what I see, this to will become your norm, trust me, I will never lie to you."