Friday, September 12, 2008


Back when my son was about four, I think it was, one night I was sound asleep when I heard something like a rifle shot right beside my ear, “Daddy’, I jumped out of bed and in a heart beat I ran to my son’s bedroom, there he was sound asleep, I slowly walked away shaking my head thinking, what the heck was that.

That was one of the first encounters I had with the unseen, where unbeknown to my limited understanding, what I felt Father later explained to me was my spirit Yelling out, Daddy!
This was but the beginning of being brought into an awareness of the Father of my spirit. He, my Father was rescuing, awakening me from so much devastation, and ruin.

Another time I was with two friends and we had driven to a Vineyard conference, little did I know that I would one day be in the thick of the Vineyard. Anyway this was the first time we had ever been exposed to anything like this, it wasn’t all that strange, and actually we found it refreshing.

After one of the teaching sessions, there was a time of ’ministry’, the main speaker was praying for different ones and I could sense him approaching me.
I had totally forgotten I along with everyone there were wearing name tags, ’Hello, my name is.’
He comes up to me and asks if I wanted him to pray for me, I said like, sure. He then begins by saying, “Richard,” and at that point I freaked, wow, how much more spiritual can anyone be, this brother could tell my name without ever having meet me.
Moments later I realized, he simply read my name tag, duh.
I was easily impressed in those days.

After I got wise as to what was happening, I remember him praying for me, again this all ties in together in being awakened. It was so real, I could somehow see myself as it were buried at the bottom of a lake, river, ocean, not sure, all I knew was as this brother prayed, I was being raised from the bottom of this lake (we’ll call it), it was as if I had been buried deep under tons of sand. I can still remember being drawn up to the surface, as I was ascending the intensity of the light shinning into the water was over whelming. It was as if I was being birthed all over again, being received by the one who I later discovered was the Father of my spirit.

I continue to see Him bringing definition into my life as one who somehow had so much stolen from him. My heart knows NO words (and folks I’m an Amplified word man) to express how I feel, being able to say, Papa loves me so, cause my elder brother Jesus says it’s TRUE!


The picture is of my first born, Matthew. (Gift of God)


cybeRanger said...

Wonderful blog! May the Lord receive all the glory. Amen?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Rich! Isn't it amazing how Papa will manifest Himself in ways that catch us "off guard" in a wonderful sense?!
Your picture of Matthew is adorable. What a treasure.
~Amy :)

Rich said...

cybeRanger and Amy,

Thanks for your comments, and yes I love my boy/son and daughter so much. I have been extended grace in my awakening and I have purposed by that same grace to never be put back into the matrix again.
I've been ruined by Freedom!