Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Self, Master of Disguise


(Jeremiah 17:9)The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?

In my opinion there is a most subtle possibility in our being further lead astray, and not because our father is impotent in this regard but, not having eyes to see (revelation) of the reality of there being within us all a component added to us in the fall, called the ‘flesh.’
This all ties in with the language of the ‘good heart, bad heart’ speak that has to be looked at in light of the Truth.

Within each of us is an independent-self, and for those wanting a typical picture of what this looks like go no further than the story in Luke 15, the generous father and his two sons.
One display of this insidious transformation that operates through the independent self is ‘self-righteousness’, outwardly appearing to be holy. The other son is where most of us find ourselves in blatant rebellion and defiance.
One has to remember that the spirit motivating each of these expressions is from the same source, the knowledge of good and evil. The independent self being deceived into believing it is doing its own thing, and that lie works very well.

Why is the world largely blind to spiritual reality? What forces are at work to create such deep ignorance as we see in this area? The principal reason for the confusion in the world regarding our spiritual situation is found in “self-deception.” While the lies of Satan contribute to this ignorance these lies are not the primary cause of humanity’s blindness. It is also not primarily the failure of human institutions such as the institutional church to teach the whole truth that is at fault here. The institutional church’s mistaken teaching and Satan’s lying have not, in themselves, condemned the world to darkness. Both Satan’s activities and the organizational church’s ineptness compound the situation but the root cause of the matter lies elsewhere.

Part two is coming soon.


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