Sunday, July 20, 2008

Theoretical Abstraction

In taking our humanity upon Himself, which included within his physiology the same ‘flesh’ found in all of us, did Jesus transform our humanity into a paean of praise?


An Effective

If Jesus was different at any point from what any person who accepts God’s offer of salvation can be, then Christ’s earthly life was at best ineffective and at worst, meaningless.
What would God prove by coming to earth as Holy God and living a sinless life? The answer, I believe, is “nothing.” The only way that Jesus’ life could be powerful and effective was to be like us at every point of our makeup but not like us in His actions. Not only did Christ have a fleshly (Satan or sin) part in His physical body, He had to have such a part. The only way that Christ could possibly touch us was to become like us, exactly like us except without committing sins. For Jesus’ life to be different from ours in makeup at any point as reborn children of God reduces our Lord’s earthly life to a theoretical abstraction.

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