Friday, July 25, 2008

Seeing Clearly

The beautiful and painful reality with coming to know the truth is that any objectivity on our end is going to be because of the Father breaking through our self-deceptions. There are so many things from within as well as from without, trying to obscure from us that which is our “Birth-Right.”

We have all been locked into a performance based approach to serving, seeking God. In not relying upon His life in us and in turning to our self-effort we will not loose our permanent status of being his child, but what we will forfeit is our rest and peace.
If we insist on relating out of our own knowing and efforts we not only will not see the truth but we cannot see it.

As much as we say we want to know the Truth (and I do believe we are sincere) we are totally ignorant of the hellish antagonisms that will be triggered within our soul-consisting of various aspects of the residual effects of having lived in sin, such as, being intensely self-protective, denial, hypocrisy, and self-justification just name a few.

Something that got my attention today was in seeing that there is a perfect harmony between the objective clear instructions in the Bible, the Scriptures, and harmonically in sync with the flow of revelation ( subjective intuitive knowing) from the Father.
It is the combination of revelation, and the written word that transforms the Bible from ‘words on paper’ to the living word of God.”

Unfortunately what will happen is a potential refusal on our part to continue to turn to Him. If we do have a contradiction between the scriptures and revelation, then we know there is a problem with our perception or it is only an apparent contradiction that will be resolved as we receive further teaching from the Father.
If by His grace we’re not standing before Him in open surrender to further teaching, if there is a personal agenda in seeking Him other than wanting to know Him, no mater how persistent we are, we will not hear the Father’s voice in our spirit, nor see His truth revealed in Scripture.

What lies ahead for each of us is so connected with taking that next step of faith-trust, right in front of us, ergo we learn what it means, to turn to Him.


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