Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Listen Up (Can You Hear Me Now?)

We have all been born in sin, separated from the Life of God: by nature, ‘children of wrath.’

The reality is until we are reborn, there never was a real you or me, and having no other point of reference other than the one we like to call ‘human nature’, where do we begin to see that there is another realm available to us that will release us from this prison we think is actually our home?.

We all have been conditioned to believe the lie that we are alive and doing our own thing. Such is the power of deception, but what if that was nothing more than a custom designed matrix pulled over our eyes to keep us blinded from the Truth?

The truth, to my understanding, is that man was created nature-less, and as a result of his disobedience in the Garden forfeited the real life offered him as represented by the “Tree of Life.” Further in my understanding (and because there are no vacuums), by default man received a nature other than God’s. In the fall there was added to man’s physiology a metaphysical component called the ‘flesh’, better know as ‘human nature’, that now has been passed onto all of his progeny. When we were reborn, we received the nature of God the Father to become our only Life which was not just an add-on. However, this miracle of grace did not vaporize this component within us called the ‘flesh.’

There was nothing altered in the miracle of being reborn - apart from our spirit being made alive, quickened through His life-giving spirit. Our soul and body are exactly the same as before. Our bodies were designed by the father to be disposable. The real us is not confined to our looks, age, skin color, I.Q., gender, or anything else external. On the other hand, our soul is a vital component that has to be integrated into a spiritual union of oneness with God as our Father.
This sets up the battle scenario we all experience on a daily basis. In all of us, this ‘coming into union’ will be misunderstood at best and resisted at worst. Welcome to the real world!
This sets the stage for what I now want to try and share regarding, “Listen Up.”

As in everything related to God, a.k.a. true or real life, there are the counterfeits as well. If God is the Father of love, truth etc. (and He is), then as Jesus pointed out, Satan is the ‘father of lies.’

We, having lived for however long in sin before being reborn have all been conditioned to only know one voice: Satan’s, our surrogate father of lies. We see nothing strange or alien about this familiar and seemingly friendly voice…until the ‘voice’ of another is introduced to us. In fact the introduction of the voice of the Father is perceived as one speaking to us in a foreign language!

As Kevin Costner, playing the role of Ray Kinsella in the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ said: I'm 36 years old, I love my family, I love baseball and I'm about to become a farmer. But until I heard the voice, I'd never done a crazy thing in my whole life.

This voice, the voice of the Father is about to turn our world right side up, but according to our whacked-out so-called equilibrium, we see this intrusion being not of God because our world (according to us) is already, ‘right side up.’

To be continued...


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