Sunday, April 13, 2008

The 3 R's

In this day and age of humankind's arrogant crusade to 'save the world', certain buzz phrases are employed. At school, children are taught the 3Rs over and over and over again: Reduce, re-use, recycle. Here's a new one: "The Dysfunctional 3 Rs (of Christchun Thinking)".

You can never be wrong
You must always be righteous
You can never be real

So Richard are you anti-Christan, nope, I'm just anti- religious-CRAP!!

For those interested in (in my humble opinion) watching and listening to some refreshing insights, knock yourself out. Take a boo , or two



Dave A. said...

Bro, I work with these spot free Jesus folks and it can be freakin wearing to the enth degree.

Wow... I'd love to spend some time chatting with that Bro' Drew. Very refreshing for sure.

As for me lately... I'm tired of the voices in my head (playbacks of others in my past perhaps) dishing out the religious guilt trips on me. Makes one want to stick a holy hand grenade up that butt and pull the pin.

Rich said...

The god, father of religion has blinded us all, and in beginning to see, we are discovering it is NOT 'flesh and blood-idiology's-precepts and principles' that we are up against is it?

I found it most refreshing myself and Margi, listening to and watching the responses from the hosts on the show.

The ingrained unbending unyielding attitude that has fossilized so many into their particular brand-flavor of religion is clearly seen when one refuses to bow to their graven images.

zinger said...

Hey Richard wasn't that a toal riot. He just cracks me up. I'd love a couple of those holy handgrenades, myself. Cheers Jon

Rich said...


Margi and I have been pondering on much of what Drew was trying to say on those pod casts.
We are going to get in touch with him if we can.

I hate the word 'tolerance' but there seems to be no room aka tolerance, for Jesus plus, minus nothing!
Of course that's why Jesus came right, to give some, notable reputations :(
What a crock-of-crap