Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Soon as winter turns into spring in our area of the world, many things will seem to suddenly burst upon our senses, one of those being the robins returning from their winter getaway. What If I were go out one morning and see lying all over our lawn a whole slew of robins, lying on their backs, with their (mouths) beaks wide open, wouldn't that cause one to scratch their head in bewilderment?
Let's say for conversation sake, I could communicate with these robins, I would ask them what the heck they were doing, only to get this retort. Don't you know, we're trusting God to come and feed us, so we've put ourselves in this position of abandonment toward Him in anticipation of being feed.

I think they (along with most of us) might just have it a tad backward, meaning; maybe God has wired things in this fashion.
Maybe he has hidden the worms for the robins on purpose, as well as given them the instinct to hunt for His provision.
I love watching the magic dance robins do, you know the tap-tap-tapping of their feet upon the ground with their head cocked to the side, why, to listen for the rustling movement, the slightest movement of any worm reacting to what they are interpreting as rain coming.
I have been told that the tap-tap-tapping of the robin's feet sounds much like rain pelting the ground, so it is an instinctive response for the worms to poke their heads out to have a look see. Trouble is, that is almost a certain fatal mistake for them, but lunch for the robins~ha!

All of this said to ask the following. We are directed by the Law of the spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, to simply work out what He God has already worked into us. (For it is God who both works in you to will and to DO of his good pleasure).
Would it not seem somewhat askew if we like the robins went into this so called position of abandonment, aka waiting for Him to drop into our lives what we think we need?Are we resorting to 'works' once again, or, do we want to cooperate, respond to His divine ability within us? (One plants, another waters, BUT God gives the increase, aka, co-laborers).

Maybe it is the goodness of our Father in allowing us to be confronted over and over again with the ability to choose to trust His life in us to be that impetus whereby we learn to overcome, rise above the circumstances and situations we find ourselves seemingly fossilized in.

As an additional thought here and I trust it flows with the above thoughts. I really wonder about so much of the 'self-talk' that goes on in our daily lives, meaning, maybe unbeknown to us because of sin still dwelling within our flesh and Satan being the impetus or power of sin, has disguised himself (angel of light) in the form of our supposed thinking?
Maybe this hidden strategy is but (not the devil made me do it crap) to simply get me to agree with this father of lies, (rather than agreeing with the Father of truth) and in so doing much like a spider or scorpion who injects its venom-poison into its prey to immobilize it from trying to escape, likewise we become paralyzed in working out our own salvation?

I would love to hear any thoughts on this.


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