Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Are You

Right from the start I want to thank my good friend and brother Dave Aldrich for his very keen artistic eye and ability to work the magic on my new blog, 'thanks Bro'!
The banner picture which we chose was in fact two different pictures that he transformed into one, the one you now see.
Last week I was sharing with my wife a thought I had, about how after the fall when God called out to Adam, 'Adam, where are you,' I believe hidden within that call was a mystery that was going to so transform man that it would far surpass and exceed all that had preceded the fall and the relationship Adam (man) had with God.
Hidden within the 'where are you' in my opinion was something far more glorious, 'who are you'?!
There is no possibility of ever discovering who's we are, or who we are apart from being brought into right relationship with God, (ergo, where are you) and the beauty of that is, He has torn down, removed every obstacle that would stand in the way for this to happen.

As in the movie the Matrix, no one can tell you what the Matrix is, likewise, no one can tell us who we are either, and in light of this I wanted to share something here from Paul A Walsh from his book The Bonsai Conspiracy.

"Acceptance is based on one thing-perfection [Matt. 5:48] Whose? Not ours but Christ's! It is not so much what we are in Christ but rather, Christ in us. He has made us perfect forever [Heb. 10:14]. He is our life [Col. 3:4] and our righteousness [2Cor. 5:21]. Jesus did not just live His life for you. He lived it as you. He died for you so that He could live in you now. Consequently, when the Father see me, He sees Him [John 14:20].

Even those of us who purport to rest in the love of God have a tendency to secretly believe that God would accept us more if we were more like X, Y or Z. This unease is reinforced by our discipleship programmes which consist of somebody telling us what we can, cannot, should and should not do rather than just telling us who we are."

Bottom line, we have no ability to interpret our acceptance from our works.
I believe it is in the drawing he does, bringing us unto Himself, and in that place of total acceptance, He alone discloses who we are.

I look forward to the further unfolding revelation the Father brings not only into my life but in the lives of those scattered throughout the earth.


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